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Beyond Betrayal

 Format: Ebook, Paperback  Author: Lisa Taylor  ISBN: 0473337983  View on Amazon

Beyond Betrayal: How God is Healing Women (and Couples) from Infidelity

Sexual addiction and infidelity have reached epidemic proportions. This is not just the case in secular society, but also in the church, with 64% of Christian men admitting to using porn monthly. The result is devastation, not just to men’s souls, but also their wives’ hearts. And while betrayed wives have an excruciating road ahead of them, many are learning that God is faithful to heal… and even redeem. Beyond Betrayal interweaves the stories of betrayed wives – including the author’s personal story – with the latest research on sexual addiction and partner trauma. That research includes the largest survey to-date of wives of sex addicts — a study conducted specifically for this book.Wherever we are on our journey, Beyond Betrayal offers women and couples clear, realistic guidance on how to move forward into the healing God has for us. The stories recounted are authentic and grace-filled — because we’ve all messed up in our pain and we all struggle with issues such as anger, boundaries and forgiveness. Despite this, God’s arms are wide-open and He is actively working to bring us to new levels of faith, wholeness and maturity: as individuals, couples, families and communities. With a foreword by Marsha Means, co-author of Your Sexually Addicted Spouse

About the Author

Lisa is an award-winning author, mother of three, and trauma survivor living in New Zealand. As a young-adult novelist, Lisa incorporates the themes of media-awareness, maturity and healthy sexuality into her stories. As a non-fiction author she writes on issues related to women’s/children’s healing from sexual addiction and betrayal. Lisa and her husband, M., facilitate sex-addiction-related support groups in New Zealand’s Northland. They also speak to youth groups about healthy sexuality, and to Christian organizations about sexual addiction and partner trauma. In 2015, Lisa and M. became certified pastoral sex addiction specialists (International Association of Sex Addiction Specialists) and Lisa is also a trained support group facilitator (A Circle of Joy Ministries). She shares the results of her research, relevant resources, and thoughts about the journey at Beyond Betrayal Community: